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contract: 6NcNJLRak6YUoVtZWQMrSoCYHNBi1pYF8ZdAkH9VoQNH


$CATRIX is a memecoin on the Solana blockchain, combining the allure of the Matrix with the charm of cats. The narrative revolves around adorable cats trying to escape the Matrix, blending the iconic Matrix culture with playful feline themes. The aim of $CATRIX is straightforward: to become the preeminent Matrix-themed cat coin, demonstrating the might of a vibrant community.

100M supply
30M liquidity 
15M Cex / Marketing 

Presale hardcap 600 SOL | softcap 150 SOL

30% liquidity
15% reserved for Cex and marketing 
85% on sale during presale

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